Swarm or hive, what's the difference?



A swarm is a large group of bees that are in between homes, clustering in a ball and hanging in the open for a couple of days until moving into a permanent hive. It can intimidating to see, but when bees are swarming they are at their least defensive. A hive is when the bees have established their home and building out comb for long term living. Maui is home to a thriving ecosystem of honeybees. Prolific swarm seasons continue to bless us, giving rise the number of calls people are making for bee removal. Hive Mind loves to relocate swarms, but leaves established hive removal to other beekeepers. We are happy to recommend 

If you see a hanging cluster of bees please call us right away! Swarm movement is time sensitive, if we can catch them early it will save having to cut open people’s homes to remove the hive from a wall or roofline. 




Hive Lease or Service


Having hives on your property is fantastic for bolstering crops of fruits and vegetables. We can install and manage temporary or permanent hives for honey or pollination, depending on your needs. 

We also are looking for land owners that will sublet small parcels of property for our apiaries in exchange for seasonal honey.

Hive mind provides monthly upkeep services for hive owners. Enjoy your bees from the lanai, let us keep an eye on them for you.


Honey Harvest


Honey extraction can fell like a chore, we're here to help. Hive Mind will harvest for you, or bring our equipment and lend a hand.


Beginner packages


Interested in adopting bees but don’t know where to start? Hive Mind is offering a beginner beekeeping packing this summer 2016. 


Initial consultation to see if bees are a fit for you and your property

Starter hive of bees and equipment (Hive bottom, top, deep brood box, frames, nuc of bees with queen)

Hive installation

Three tutorial sessions with your bees on site (one per month)

Follow up phone/email support for 6 months

(Option to have extra tutorial visits)


Contact us for more info